A photograph that replaces famous tourist attractions with a cheap souvenir

Various souvenirs named after the sights are sold at sightseeing spots, but in famous places the miniatures and toys simulating shape are also sold well. I am replacing such souvenirs with real sightseeing spots in perspective.

Souvenirs are naturally cheap compared to the sightseeing itself, but on the contrary the sense of incompatibility presents interestingness.

Details are as below.
London's symbol, Big Ben.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Statue of Liberty of the paper cup.

Sphinx with a slightly different color.

The golden pyramid.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Tower bridge with a bridge rising.

These pictures were taken by Michael Hughes who went to countless sightseeing spots, and other pictures can be seen from the following link.
The amazing photographs that show the world's most famous landmarks replaced by cheap souvenirs | Mail Online

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