A movie of a man who survived from a lightning strike during refueling

A movie capturing a man who was refueling the car receiving a thunderstorm that fell on the gas station.

The moment of lightning strikes is batched and it is a powerful image that flushes the entire screen, but it seems that men were able to survive almost unharmed without igniting the gasoline and exploding. .

Details are as below.
WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo, NY | Man struck by lightning while pumping gas

Violent light is confirmed indoors as well.

William Hall, the survivor's man, appears in about 31 seconds and has collapsed during refueling.
YouTube - Video: Man Struck By Lightning

"When I started refueling gasoline, I saw a tremendous glare of orange light, then white light appeared and the area became dark and fainted," William says. Mr. William said that there were no noticeable wounds except that the whole body muscle aches and the small blistering on the elbow.

K "K & amp; K Food Mart" clerk and police, etc. who installed security cameras pointed out that they were able to survive despite lightning strike while gasoline was nearby, pointed out that luck I am blessed that I survived.

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