Gmail's capacity can be expanded up to 250 GB, actually increased it

GmailWhenPicasa Web AlbumsCan now share up to 250 GB capacity can be shared. It does not increase free for free, but it is a mechanism to increase it for a fee.

There are four plans available: 6 GB ($ 20 per year), 25 GB ($ 75 per year), 100 GB ($ 250 per year), 250 GB ($ 500 per year).

Since Japanese application screen was also prepared, in factGoogle's payment service "Google Checkout"I bought it with a credit card and tried increasing the capacity. It is also available from Japan.

The procedure of how to increase Gmail capacity is as follows.
In order to actually increase the capacity of Gmail, apply from the following page. Credit card is required.

Select the capacity you want to increase and click the button

Enter credit card information

In "Prefecture", enter the name of the prefecture. At this time, it may be Ureshii to be complemented automatically.

From the number of the credit card it will judge automatically which company's card. "Billing address" should be entered in alphabetical letters all. "City / Town" is the name of the municipality, "Postal Code" is the zip code. "My shipping address is" is the shipping address of the item. Since it is a net service this time, there is nothing to send out so it's OK for that. Then click "Agree and Continue".

Check the price to be charged, $ 20 will be 2380 yen. Then in order to protect your personal information email address, just check "Keep my email address confidential" and click the "Place your order now" button to complete the order

When this kind of screen appears, click on "Return to Google" to return to your account screen

You can check on the following page to see if it actually increased.

It is increasing, certainly.

When the capacity of the Gmail account currently used becomes full, it seems that it becomes possible to newly use the purchased capacity.

Note that this capacity will beGoogle Docs & amp; SpreadsheetsIt seems that it can be shared even with.

By the way, if you use various kinds of free software that can use Gmail's capacity like the external hard disk drive like below, it might be suitable for backup use. - GMail Drive shell extension


Gmail Filesystem - GmailFS

I think that it is better to buy an external HDD obediently from the price point of view, but it seems to be prepared for such a thing such as the HDD breaks, the house becomes a fire or collapses due to an earthquakeDisaster RecoveryMaybe it is quite cheap as long as it is something else.

Also, KDDI's"Au one mail" also adopts GmailIs it possible to increase it?

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