Just plug in a plastic bottle to complete barley tea

"Tsubo-shi tea HonpoI bought it because I found "PET bottle barley tea" made at the supermarket. It is 2 liters x 5 pieces for tea bag for cold water. In the supermarket it was on sale at a sale price of 100 yen. It is super cheap to finish with 20 yen per book.

So, as a recipe it seems that barley tea will be completed simply by inserting it in a plastic bottle ...... Ho ho ... .... In short, you can do it simply by putting it in a plastic bottle containing water, it seems easy. Extreme story, if I put it in a plastic bottle of mineral water is it a delicious barley tea completion?

So, I actually experimented what kind of feeling it was.
How to make this way, just add water and insert this and wait. You can do it right away.

I opened it. I'm getting in somehow folded into two.

One is quite long.

It's about the same height as a 2 liter plastic bottle.

I will plug it in like this.

did it.

Watering slowly and ... ....

Completed in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Longer hours will naturally become darker.

One hour passed. Obviously it is sinking to the bottom.

Completion with exactly good feeling after mixing

So, this time I tried using "Rokko's delicious water".

Just put in.

One hour passed.

Mix and mix well. Somehow the color is dark. Is it a difference in water quality?

What he says is that this simplicity of just using a plastic bottle is very good for people who are troubled. Even though I thought about making barley tea at home until now, I could not care less to make it with bought if I live alone, it was troublesome to boil to put in hot water, or I got disappointed in the first place in the hot summer days However, it seems to be able to sustain this. Just a little ingenuity, but this is pretty useful. The taste is very ordinary barley tea, but it is quite recommended.

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