If you have rice, you can cook easily in a few minutes "Tiny Elephant" Tasting Review

When there is no time to cook, or when it is a little troublesome, you can easily cook rice cook for Higashimaru sauce "A bit odorousIt is a series. This time, I actually tried to make it easy by actually making "a little umuusui" which can taste the flavor of "Ui" easily.

A bit of an elephant | 【Higashima Soy Sauce】

The state of actually completing rice cooking actually is as following movie.

I tried to make "a little umuzusui" - YouTube

The package looks something like this.

The way to make is simple, first add 250 ml of water to the pan and boil it, then add a cup of rice bowl seventh (about 100 g) of rice and "a little breeze" 1 ​​bag, boil it for about 1 minute medium flame, only 2 It is completion by the procedure. It seems that you can also add "Egg · Minori · Negi" to your liking. In addition, there was also a statement that "you can make delicious by washing rice with water and getting bevy."

"Ru" is properly used for raw materials.

When taking out the bag from the box, the cooking method and the expiration date were written in the bag.

That's why cooking starts. First of all 250 ml of water ......

I will prepare rice. It was 107 g in the amount of images.

I will wash the rice with water.

Boil 250 ml of water in a pot and add rice.

Immediately put 'a little bird' too. Simply simmer for about 1 minute at medium heat.

In addition, this time with a melting egg ......

I tried putting onions as well.

Finally it finished flickering lightly at last. It is about a minute and a half until this time since we introduced rice. It was really easy to cook rice cooker.

When you eat it, you can feel the flavor of a sea like "Uri" in addition to the savory seasoned cake. When I said "I do not have time but want to eat warm foods" such as cold winter morning, it was a dish that seems to be a big success.

"Tiny elephant" is sold at Amazon.co.jp with a set of 10 boxes at 2117 yen including tax.

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