Tasting a PET bottle drink "O O O O tea steaming tea" to mix green tea powder into water

Newly added to the lineup of long-selling plastic bottle beverage "Oi Ocha", which is sold most in JapanOlder tea steaming teaI bought it immediately and tried drinking as it was added. This product makes a daunting way to drink green tea powder entered in "powder in cap" by mixing with natural water by shaking the main body. It seems that you can enjoy fresh green tea anytime easily by this, but is it really delicious?

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This is "O O O tea steaming tea." The price is 140 yen per tax.

The cap part is longer than usual PET bottle drink.

Green cap contains green tea powder.

"I can drink freshly made tea by shaking".

"Deep steamed tea" is steamed green tea leaves for a long time rather than ordinary tea leaves. The bitter taste is suppressed, and it has a deep and rich taste.

There is a commentary because it makes a special special way of drinking.

Raw material name. I use natural water from Sakata City, Yamagata prefecture. Contents amount is 490 ml unlike general 500 ml.

Speaking of "O O O tea" is a haiku, but also in this new product "Itoh Park New Haiku Grand Award" was listed properly.

Special structure with green powder cap on white cap. I will drink it immediately.

Open the green cap first. Then the powder inside and the inner lid dropped into the interior.

Next, close the green cap tightly.

Then take a bottle and shake quickly. Let's shake it thoroughly so that the powder dissolves well.

That's it.

Although it shake pretty much, powder left a little in the bottom.

Opened. The cap is tubular.

I saw the inner lid floating in.

I will drink it after I pour into the glass for the time being.

Tasting it. A type of tea that melts powder by hot water and drinks is on the market, but it has a similar taste. It is slightly powdery, it feels like the taste will remain on the tip of the tongue. With a taste which is comparatively deep, the usual 'O O O tea' is slightly different in direction of taste, so it is cold tea so impression is different from general powder type tea. It was a new product that seems to be divided depending on whether you can enjoy a single task of "swinging and drinking".

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