I tried 'Sparkling Amazake [Ginger]', where ginger is added to sparkling amazake and you can enjoy a light sake cake

' Sparkling Amazake [Ginger] ', which is a

sparkling amazake made by adding carbonic acid to amazake and ginger, has appeared on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in winter only. He said, 'It's easy to drink even if you are a sweet sake lover, even for beginners who are amazake.' I actually tried drinking and checked what kind of taste it was.

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The package for 'Sparkling Amazake [Ginger]' looks like this.

Amazake is a blend of rice koji and sake cake. Rice koji and sake lees are written on the raw materials. Other raw materials include sugar, powdered ginger, and salt.

It is 59kcal per 100ml, and the content is 190ml, so the calorie per one is about 112kcal. Alcohol content is less than 1%.

When the can was opened because it contained carbonic acid, a banging sound was heard. Ginger scent spreads.

Pour into a glass to check the contents.

The drink is milky white.

When I drank it, I couldn't find the savory and rich taste unique to sake scum, but the scent and flavor were soft. However, mellow sweetness and ginger spice in the back mouth are faintly felt. Because it was slightly carbonated, the feeling of carbonic acid was slightly weaker and lighter.

'Sparkling Amazake [Ginger]' can be purchased at supermarkets nationwide, and the price is 124 yen including tax. At Amazon.co.jp, at the time of article creation, a set of 30 was available for purchase at 3382 yen including tax.

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