I tried Wendy's 105 yen burger from one end

Hamburger chain which is developing in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Kyushu (Fukuoka prefecture only) "Wendy's (Wendy's)Five kinds of hamburgers of 105 yen being sold atHamburger,cheeseburger,Teriyaki burger,Curry Burger,BBQ Burger) From one end.

It is very reasonable and I am glad that there are many variations, but how is the taste of the key?

The details to worry about are as follows.
It was in such a bag. A piggybacked girl with pigtails is a trademark.

This time I bought a total of 11 pieces of hamburgers, cheeseburger, two Teriyaki burger, curry burger, BBQ burger, one bonus one, plus an "burger". "Anburger" was a terrible taste on the menu of 120 yen, so I will introduce it in the next article.

First of all, BBQ (BBQ) burger.

Of course it is a barbecue sauce.

I just opened it. Patty (meat) and onion, lettuce is included.

Then "Teriyaki Burger".

I will have a sweet smell of Teriyaki sauce.

I just opened it. Teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise are lettuce and meat.

This is "Curry Burger".

It looks like an ordinary hamburger, but it smells nice curry.

It was opened. Instead of BBQ burger barbecue sauce, curry sauce and mayonnaise are included.

Next, "Cheese Burger".

I just opened it. It is almost the same as that of McDonald's, but it is not an onion minced chopped, but the onion ring is contained and the square shape of the meat is different.

Finally "Hamburger".

I just opened it. Here is almost the same as those of McDonald 's other than onion and meat.

I tried arranging them all. It is spectacular to arrange this much.

The impressions I tried are as follows.

BBQ Burger:Shakiyaki onion fits well with barbecue sauce. There is not much sweetness, it is a burger of somewhat flavorful taste.

Teriyaki Burger:Sweet sauce is delicious. Unlike other hamburger shops, the sauce is in proper quantity, so it is easy to eat because hands are not sticky when you take out from the bag and eat it.

Curry Burger:A lot of curry sauce is very tasty involved with mayonnaise. There is a mushroom and there is some sense of affinity somehow. In the editorial department, it is a tall and highly rated.

cheeseburger:It is not much different from McDonald's. The price of 105 yen is reasonable.

Hamburger:It may not be the same as McDonald's here though.

Apart from cheeseburger and hamburger with little individuality, I thought that the completion of BBQ burger, Teriyaki burger, curry burger is considerably high. Also, overall meatLike the Burger KingBecause it tastes to remind me of direct flame-burnt hamburgers, I feel a little luxurious feeling at 105 yen. Even though there are many unusual burger and there are no other shops that can eat Teriyaki burger at 105 yen, it may be worth a try once.

As it was, it was a ridiculous taste of "An Berger" I bought together so I decided to take up in the next article. Continued from the following.

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