CM bashing cars from the building to the river without using CG

It is a photograph of the production scenery of a large-scale commercial broadcasted by Allstate which is one of America's largest insurance companies. It seems to be based on the car chase scene of the action movie "Hunter" of 1980, it jumps out of the 18th floor of the marina tower parking lot and is falling to the Chicago River.

Details are as below.
It's Knuttz - Car jumping from a building - insurance ad

Jump from the marina tower.

A thing like a point reflected together is a doll.

And dive into the Chicago River.

We will raise it properly considering the environment.

Fierce bokoboko.

A movie taken at the scene.
YouTube - Car free falls 18 stories into Chicago River

The CM which was able to do the following.
YouTube - Allstate - Marina Towers 60-second Spot

The 30 seconds version has a slightly different end.
YouTube - Insurance Ad

The car chase scene of the underlying movie "Hunter".
YouTube - Persecucion - The Hunter (1980)

There is also a special site of Allstate.

Allstate (R) - Official Site - Car insurance, home and business insurance, and online insurance quotes from Allstate

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