Exactly exquisite, Lotteria 's extreme popularity limited item "Exquisite Cheese Burger" Tasting Review

Prior to the whole country, Lotteria 's "Lotteria" which has been released in advance only with sales volume per day for 48 stores in the metropolitan areaSuperb cheeseburgerI tried it.

Sticking to the meat quality and feeling of patty which becomes the main character of the taste, I used natural cheese carefully selected for the first time in the fast food industry for cheese, because I reviewed the manufacturing process from the buns, I say "goods" in the product name It is a bullish hamburger, but it was delicious not to be ashamed of its name.

Details are as follows.
This is a great cheeseburger. It is 360 yen per piece.

I just opened the package. Very simple look.

Cheese is tremendously melting. There is no such thing as ketchup, pickles, lettuce which are often found in other companies' cheeseburger, it really consists only of buns, meat and cheese.

I tried tearing. The cheese 's full range of melts do not accumulate. It looks very tasty.

Patty with a taste with a little spicy punch and natural cheese with a fluffy rich sticky thread are exquisite. This is good. I do not want to like cheese. There is no ketchup or pickles that will become accent of the taste, but it is like feeling that it is really playing with the taste of the material.

At first I was worried whether I could match the price of 360 yen per piece, but when I tried it I thought that I was turning around. It is a dish waiting for national sales.

For information on shops currently on sale, see the link below.

Lotteria | LOTTERIA 48 stores only "Best Cheese Burger" released

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