This is a great satisfaction, Lotteria's limited edition "Exquisite W Cheeseburger" Tasting Review

Last year, Lotteria pioneered the whole country and sold only limited quantity in 48 metropolitan areas, and because it gained popularityIt began to be released nationwideLotteria's "Superb cheeseburgerHowever, this time it became "excellent W Cheeseburger" and it appeared newly.

It is still sold at only 43 stores in the metropolitan area, but what exactly is it?

Details are as below.
A signboard at the entrance. Exquisite W Cheeseburger is Dawn! And two pieces of meat.

This is what it's like inside the store. Letters of "Exquisite W Cheese Burger" here and there.

A little more at 490 yen per piece.

I bought it at once. Extraordinary item W Cheeseburger takes some time to be completed.

This is an exquisite W Cheeseburger.

Viewed from the side. Two meat is pinched.

I tried lifting the upper half. The state of melting cheese is amazing.

This is the wrapping paper. If you cool down while taking home, it seems good to warm up for 10 seconds in the range.

I tried tearing. Cheese melts and entangles well with meat.

Although I tried eating, the taste itself was exquisite taste like the exquisite cheeseburger, the combination of the taste meat with a little spice punch and the natural cheese dressing out with a rice cake. I feel deep taste even though pickles, ketchup, onion etc. are not contained.

And since two pieces of meat are sandwiched, it gives a sense of volume and satisfaction that could not be obtained by the exquisite cheeseburger so far, it is a dish that has a very satisfactory response to eating.MegamacYaSuper Mega Wendy'sIt may be good where there is no extreme volume like.

However, since the price of 490 yen per piece is not cheap at all, it is a concern as to whether it can be accepted as much as a superb cheeseburger.

Please refer to the following for the stores currently being sold.

Lotteria | LOTTERIA "Exquisite W Cheese Burger" Limited edition of 43 stores in Tokyo 23 shops!

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