I ate Lotteria's "Cheese Inn Thick Hamburger" where Tororrage Cheese entered Patti

Lotteria said last September "Thick thick hamburger steak burgerAlthough it released, from February 27 (Thursday) it is "Cheese in thick-walled hamburgers"We sell. I went to Lotteria to eat patty of 12 mm thick which used mozzarella cheddar cheese flavored cheese.

Burger full of volume full of cheese is overflowing from inside! ~ "Cheese in thick-walled hamburger" Limited release from February 27 th (Thursday) 2014!

Arrived at Lotteria.

At the shop also appealed "Cheese Inn Thick Hamburger", "Cheese in & Out Thick Hamburger", "Cheese in & Egg Thick Thick Hamburger" released today.

I go into the store and go to the front of the cashier.

Three kinds of "Cheese in thick walled hamburgers" are also in the center of the menu. I will place an order immediately.

Wait for about 5 minutes Cheese in thick-walled hamburgers (340 yen including tax) · Cheese in & out thick-walled hamburgers (400 yen tax) · Cheese in & egg thick-walled hamburgers (420 yen including tax) arrived. It is written "White lotus Lotteria" on a white wrapping paper.

Buns used in three kinds of hamburgers is the same as normal menu.

Cheese in thick-walled hamburgers are put on demi-glace sauce in patty, and cheese sauce is protruding a little from the middle of patty.

When removing the upper Patty it is like this. There is plenty of lettuce, and mayonnaise is crammed under cheese in hamburger patty.

The thickness of cheese in hamburger patty is about 12 mm, and it is thicker than iPhone 5 (7.6 mm).

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Certainly, Patty is thick and cheese is creamy as the product name, but the sweetness of the demiglace sauce is as tight as Teriyaki sauce, it makes the impression of patty and cheese blur. There is plenty to eat, but I wanted you to finish it with a sharp taste, such as putting mustard.

Cheese in & out thick hamburgers are not only inside beef patty, but also a hamburger sandwiched between 1 piece of cheese.

The basic structure is the same as the cheese in thick-walled hamburger, but it is 60 yen higher as a cheese is pinched by one piece.

The feeling held in the hand is almost the same as the cheese in thick burgers.

The taste of cheese goes into more rich & Boryumi. Cheese in thick-walled hamburgers are concerned about sweetness, but since cheese goes in, salty becomes stronger, so the sweetness becomes somewhat unnoticed. However, the presence of beef was increasingly felt thinner.

Cheese in & egg thick-walled hamburgers are cheese-in thick-hamburgers and eggs are caught in it, so the price is 80 yen higher.

Structure was only cheese in thick hamburger egg entered.

Trying to bring eggs into it is somewhat unstable.

Although the taste is mild as much as the egg is contained, the sweetness of the demiglace sauce is also worrisome. If you use salt and pepper it will be the same taste as cheese burgers, so it seems that you are trying to differentiate them well ... ....

Both products are for limited time until late March.

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