I have eaten "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger" using "Truffle sauce and 4 cm thick patty" and "Horny bacon delicious cheese burger" at Lotteria

According to November 29 (a good meal day) "Horn cutting bacon delicious cheese burger"When"Kuroge Wagyu beef hamburg steak burger"Two types of hamburgers were released from Lotteria. Especially, I used a white cream base using black truffle, especially Kuroge Wagyu beef hamburg steak burger has become a hamburger of 1000 yen including tax, so I went to Lotteria to get to work soon because the workmanship was anxious.

~ "Best Cheese Burger" appeared seasonal product! ~ "Horn cutting bacon exquisite cheese burger (truffle sauce tailor)" Limited release from Friday, November 29, 2013! It is!

~ From Lotteria, "Reward" Burger Burger Appears to the Person Whom Happened 2013! ~ "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hamburg Steak Burger (Double Truffle Sauce)" Limited release from November 29, Friday, 2013 on the day of good meat (1129)!

Arrived at Lotteria.

At the shop, Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger posters appeal to the new release.

I enter the store and line up at the checkout.

"Corner cutting bacon delicious cheese burgers" and "Kuroge Wagyu beef hamburg steak burger" came in the middle of the menu.

When ordering, two hamburgers arrived in about ten minutes to wait. "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger (1000 yen including tax)" in the box of paper like "Big Mac" on the right with "corner cutting bacon exquisite cheese burger (tax included 490 yen)" on the left.

Peel off the packet and feel like this. The fragrance of truffle is faintly understandable.

Corner cutting Bacon exquisite cheeseburger has a height higher than the exquisite cheese burger as much as bacon of corner cutting enters.

Buns uses exceptional patty same as exquisite cheeseburger.

Remove the upper stage buns, you can see corner cutting bacon and black truffle · cream sauce.

Black truffles can be confirmed in the sauce. It is said that truffle oil is also used for this sauce.

There are three bacon with corner cutting.

The thickness is slightly thicker than the exquisite patty.

Cheese is topped with Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese, just like a superb cheeseburger.

A corner cutting bacon is included, and it has a slightly bad balance with it.

Trying it off, the fragrance of truffle - black truffle - cream sauce mellow rich flavor and cheese ripe and rich beef patty mix. The taste of black truffle · cream sauce and cheese is stronger than the taste of beef, and bacon is "Hamada-bashi bacon exquisite cheeseburger"The presence is weaker than that. Especially, I do not feel good merit of eating, and taste of black pepper taste is not sharp.

Bacon has three corner cuts and it is difficult to eat, but because of its size, there is a response to eat and umami is enough.

Black truffle · cream sauce is torotro. Be careful as you can easily get it while you are eating.

Eating in the absence of bacon, the taste did not change so much.

Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hamburger Steak Burger is a little bigger compared to a baked bacon exquisite Cheese Burger.

Previously sold at McDonald's1000 yen quarter pounderCompared to the box of, I feel cheesy.

It seems that Kuroge Wagyu beef and black truffle containing sashes are also used.

Buns uses first grade powder and adopts hand-rolled wind process.

The sauce is made with black truffle · cream sauce same as corner cutting bacon exquisite cheese burger, a large domestic black beef cotton patty, black truffle fondbow sauce about 4 cm in thickness is used.

Domestic Japanese black beef patties are considerably thicker than corner cutting bacon exquisite cheese burger.

Take the top buns and you can see that the black truffle and cream sauce is plentifully painted in domestic Japanese black wagyu patty.

Below patties of Japanese domestic black beef, brandy · onion · tomato paste · balsamic vinegar ·Fondo· "Black truffle · fond bow sauce" made with black truffle is painted.

The source has already protruded, Patty is also unstable and hard to hold. I will eat it.

When you try it, the meat juice overflows from Patty, 200 grams of Kuroge Wagyu bee Patty is enough to eat and respond. However, the use of Kuroge Wagyu will never have the quality of the meat itself high, the taste not to become the leading role, the compatibility with the black truffle Fondobosource is also too sweet, so it is a mismatch. Black truffle was used for two kinds of sauce, but I did not feel a strong scent there.

Black truffle and fondhoose sauce are easy to stick to your hands and sticky. It is in a paper box, because wrapping paper is not prepared, I want you to wrap paper as well.

Just holding lightly, the overflowing meat juice has stuck in my hands.

Cream sauce also contains black truffles, but exquisitely the sauce does not match Patty, it's a little bit taste. Hamburger with McDonald 's 1000 black black trufflesQuarter Pounder Black DiamondIt seemed that the overall quality was higher as a hamburger using the same truffle.

In addition, any hamburgers will be sold for a limited time.

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