I tried "Three cheese's best cheeseburger" and "Four cheese's best cheeseburger" which Lotteria thoroughly pursued the deliciousness of cheese

Based on Lotteria's signboard product "Exquisite Cheese Burger", not only red cheddar and coda but also smoked cheese and cream cheese etc. were put in "Three cheese cheese burgers"Superb Cheese Burger of 4 Types of Cheese"Will be on sale from Thursday, October 24. It is said that it has become 2 items thoroughly pursued the deliciousness of only cheese, so I actually tried it.

~ A new exquisite appeared in the fall of taste from Lotteria ~ "Exquisite cheeseburger of 3 kinds of cheese", "Superb cheeseburger of 4 kinds cheese" Limited release from October 23 (Thur) of 2014!

Arrived at Lotteria.

"Superb cheeseburger of three kinds of cheese" and "Four kinds cheese exquisite cheeseburger" were developed in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the extraordinary, and it was advertised firmly even in front of the shop.

So, I will place an order.

Wait 5 minutes Cheese briskly Cheese Burger and 4 kinds Cheese Flavors Cheese Burger arrived in about 5 minutes. The best cheese bars of three cheeses is wrapped in wrapping paper written as "Hot to Ajota Lotteria", and the best cheese cheeseburger is wrapped in wrapping paper written as "exquisite cheeseburger".

From the side, it seems that the best cheeses burger of 4 cheeses has a little higher height.

When opening it, the smell unique to smoked cheese spread widely. The height does not change very much when trying to put the burger in the exposed state.

The size is smaller than iPhone 5s.

First of all, it is cocoa cheeseburger of three kinds of cheese.

Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese are superimposed on top of Patty, and smoked cheese is put on it.

Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese are melting with trolleys, but smoked cheese is soft but its shape has not collapsed.

I also want to get rid of Pakari and buns with exquisite cheeseburger of 4 kinds of cheese.

This also has smoked cheese on Gouda cheese, red cheddar cheese.

There was cream cheese under the patties.

First of all I try to eat cheeseburger of 3 types of cheese.

When you sip a bite, first the juice and meat juice overflows, the taste of the meat, and the nice scent of the mountain cherry smoked chips spread throughout the mouth. While it is rich in Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese, it is smoked cheese which is on the front, I do not feel that much.

I do not see much smoke cheese being used for hamburgers, but I was eaten with Pakpak with a good compatibility, aroma of fragrant buns and pepper, and a taste of meat firmly.

Next, we sample tasty cheeseburger of 4 kinds of cheese.

I thought, "Three species changed to four species, is not it changing so much?" I thought that cream cheese is laid under Patty, after cream cheese on the tongue after the buns It was structured to touch and it was totally different impression from the exquisite cheeseburger of 3 kinds of cheese. As smooth and thick cream cheese is on the front and smell of smoked cheese spreads afterwards, which cheese do you like? "Cheese burgers of 3 kinds of cheese" or "Superb cheese of 4 cheeses" Burger "if you choose.

Incidentally, the best cheeseburger of 3 kinds of cheese is 390 yen including tax, the best cheeseburger of 4 kinds cheese is 450 yen including tax, which are both limited period products.

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