How about the taste of "An Burger" with "Anko" instead of meat?

In the previous articleI tried Wendy's 105 yen burger from one end, But this time it is sold at 120 yen in the same Wendy's, "Anko" entered instead of meat "An burgerI tried it.

If only margarine and only margarine can be eaten with "Kokura Margarine", it is possible to eat cheeses there, but it can be hesitant to eat "an burger", apparently not enough to eat It does not seem to be taste.

Details are as follows.
Cheeseburger when seen from the outside? I think it looks, but when you open it you can see the mermaid and margarine under the cheese ....

I turned the cheese. it's amazing.

Further up. As you approach, cheese and margarine, it smells mixed with anko ... ...

Although I tried eating, the combination of anchora and margarine is not bad, but cheese is obviously an obstacle. Instead of complementing the taste of cheese and margarine, the taste of cheese sublimes it to a persistent taste. It may be a bit tight to keep the scent of bean paste and margarine, cheese intact.

However, the opinion was broken also in the editorial department, but it was a conclusion that it was not a taste enough to say it was bad. Personally I would like to buy a 105 yen burger I introduced earlier than buying "An Burger" by paying 120 yen.

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