A game "Bloons" that divides a predetermined number or more balloons with darts

It is a game that breaks more than a certain number of balloons decided for each stage. Let's clear the stage by making use of the item that the number of remaining hands increases and you can throw three darts at the same time.

Details are as follows.
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There are 50 stages in all.

It determines the angle to throw with this feeling, and determines the strength to throw with mouse click length.

Clear if stage 32 breaks for stage 1.

The achievement rate is displayed when clearing.

Item balloon with pink color in the middle.

By hitting darts, Kuki jumps out from inside and breaks the surrounding balloons.

With this form ...

It is also possible to clear all by cutting.

It is stacked like a one can. Even if it is applied, it is only a waste of darts arrows.

Get three items thrown at the same time.

A brown wall leaves a hole by making a single shot.

Black wall bounces darts.

When breaking the balloon floating at the top, ordinary balloons around will become hard and will not crack. The lower person has become harder with that.

I have to shoot a lot of space in the right space.

Purple balloons increase the number of remaining darts by one.

boomerang. Let's throw it well as it comes back.

A bomb with a bomb illustration on the right side.

A large explosion when hit.

There is also a balloon that Pac-Man comes out.

A balloon from which thorns come out when you break.

Stage 32 can not be cleared and it ends. A one-in-one can interfere.

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