The language used in blogs around the world is the most Japanese

Currently, the blog search engine "Technorati" tracks 70 million blogs worldwide. Among them, the number of articles posted in Japanese was 37% of the total, finally ranked first after surpassing English-speaking countries. When reading the content that was announced, it seems to be "the number of articles posted" rather than the number of blogs, so the exact number of blogs for each language itself is unknown. How many blogs are actually opened in Japanese?

So, let's see the state of the blog neighborhood seen throughout the world.
Technorati Weblog: The State of the Live Web, April 2007

Sifry's Alerts: The State of the Live Web, April 2007

Trends in the number of blogs this is tracking, it is increasing more and more

Trends in the number of blogs that can be renewed per day. In December 2006, 11,0000 spam blogs had been made, but in January 2007 the number of spam blogs was 4,100 per day, and in February 2007 6300 cases a day. The reason why it suddenly decreased in January seems to be that spam blog countermeasures are working, but it seems that eruption will continue as it is beginning to increase again in February.

The number of blog posts posted on the day is 1.4 million. About 58,000 posts are posted per hour. Every time a big incident happens, I can see how many postings are increasing at that timing.

This is blue news site of existing mass media, red is blog related news site. Although the influence of a blog related news site is not overwhelmingly the total number of the whole, it is a level that can not be ignored.

This is the number of contributions to the main blog this time. Japanese is 37% and ranks first. English is second with 36%. The third place is 8% in Chinese. There seems to be reasons for famous blogs in English-speaking countries to open Japanese version.

It is quite interesting that this graph, if anything, it is time posted by language. For example, the light blue color chart on the upper left is in the English-speaking area, but it is posted evenly and comparatively. On the other hand, the red graph on the right, the Japanese speaking world, the peak at 23 o'clock in the evening. In other words, everyone seems to be updating a lot from home.

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