Until a wedding cake made with beef is completed

BeforeMario's Wedding CakeI told you that there are many other wedding cakes, but this time no wedding cake made with huge hamburger of three layers emerged without using cake material in the first place.

It seems to be the ultimate wedding cake that came up with for making a married colleague, but he said that he himself said "I do not want to make it again".

Details are as follows.
First I will prepare mince.

Divide this into three aluminum dishes.

Put it in an oven and bake it.

Baked place.

It is difficult to lay it on like this, so we scrape off the bulging part and flatten it. It seems that it was supper for dinner.

Check if they overlap neatly.

Prepare a cake dish.

Place the first piece on a cake dish and paint ketchup. Likewise, paint so that ketchup does not protrude, and overlap second and third.

Decorate with mashed potatoes when piling is over. If this is fresh cream, my colleague may cut me.

I am preparing mashed potatoes. Surely this seems to be decorative like fresh cream.

I finished painting. It really looks like a cake.

Decorate with ketchup and finish. Even if this is a berry sauce, is not my colleague never going to speak again?

I feel that the fat will solidify when it cools, and the taste will fall, but what about that neighborhood ...?

For more details please refer to the following link.

Culinary GENIUS!

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