Lawson has released a series of cakes that can be eaten with one hand, such as strawberry milk flavor and pistachio flavor, so I tried it.

From Lawson's premium sweets brand '

Uchi Cafe ', a cake 'Kururin ' that can be eaten with one hand wrapped in dough has appeared. 'Tsubmocchi Kururin Cake (Strawberry Milk) ' featuring strawberry pulp with a chewy dough and crushed texture, and 'Zaku Fluffy Kururin Cake (Pistachio) ' featuring a cookie crunch with fluffy dough and crunchy texture. It is said that there are two types, so I enjoyed both flavors.

Kururin -Tsubumochikururin Cake (Strawberry Milk)-| Lawson Official Website

Kururin -Zaku Fluffy Kururin Cake (Pistachio)-| Lawson Official Website

I want to be healed even if I'm busy! A new sensation sweet 'Kururin' that can be eaten quickly is now available ♪ | Lawson Research Institute

[Lawson] New release of 'Kururin', a new type of sweet that you can eat quickly! --YouTube

That's why I came to Lawson.

I found the desired Kurulin in the refrigerated sweets corner.

I bought it and brought it back.

First of all, I will try 'Kururin Tsubumocchi Kururin Cake (Strawberry Milk)' (255 yen including tax), which is characterized by its chewy dough and mashed strawberry sauce.

Calories are 179 kcal per package.

Looking at the raw material names, it seems that mixed flour, which is a mixture of sugar, wheat flour, starch, etc., is used for the dough. The ingredients are strawberry, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, etc., reminiscent of strawberry shortcake.

Opened. The Kururin inside was in a plastic case so that it wouldn't lose its shape.

This is Kurulin. The dough is rolled up and looks like a hot dog or sausage roll.

Half-cut strawberries are topped on both ends, and you can see plenty of milk cream sandwiched behind it. In addition, the milk cream contains a mashed sauce containing strawberry pulp.

It's time to eat. Since the sheet is laid underneath, you can eat it with one hand without getting your hands dirty.

When I try to eat it, the contrast between the freshness and sourness of strawberries and the smooth sweetness of fresh cream with a strong milky taste is good. It was a dish that you can enjoy the contrast between the chewy texture like raw Yatsuhashi and the crushed texture of strawberry sauce.

Next, I will try 'Kururin Zaku Fluffy Kururin Cake (Pistachio)' (245 yen including tax), which is characterized by its soft dough and pistachio with a crunchy texture.

Calories are 222 kcal per package.

Looking at the names of the raw materials, it seems that the dough is made of eggs, processed fats and oils, shortening, flour, etc., and it looks different from the dough of the 'Tsumochikururin cake (strawberry milk)' mentioned earlier. The ingredients inside are biscuits, pistachio paste, pistachios, honey, etc.

That's why it was opened. The shape and size of the dough itself is almost the same as that of 'Tsubumochikururin Cake (Strawberry Milk)'.

The biggest difference is the cream inside. Pistachio cream that covers the white cream is sandwiched, and crushed pistachio is topped on it.

When I try to eat it, the dough is fluffy as if it melts on my tongue. The pistachios topped with cream are crunchy, so the contrast of the texture is outstanding. It was a cake with a strong pistachio flavor in the sweetness of fresh cream.

Two types of 'Kurulin' will be available for purchase at Lawson nationwide from March 16, 2021.

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