Does silent, space-saving, low heat generation, low power consumption Xbox 360 appear in 2007?

It is said that Xbox 360, a silent and space-saving model that realized low heat generation and low power consumption by adopting the CPU of the new manufacturing process will appear in 2007.

It is surprising because it may be inexpensive.

Details are as follows.
GAF - News - Xbox 360 to get a CPU change

According to this article, it is said that heat generation is suppressed and the cooling mechanism can be reduced by installing a CPU adopting the 65 nm process which is even smaller than the current 90 nm process. As a result, it is possible to realize quiet noise, low power consumption, space saving, etc.

Smaller processors on Xbox 360 delayed - Joystiq

According to this article, the space-saving model was scheduled to appear in the first quarter of 2007, but it is said that it will slip to around mid 2007. As the size of the CPU is reduced, manufacturing costs are reduced, and opportunities for discounting are also born.

I feel unbelievable that it will save space and the price will be cheaper, but it is wonderful if it can be realized.

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