Should not I buy Xbox 360 now?

Previously at GIGAZINEDoes Xbox 360 with a chip that adopted 65 nm process appear in 2007?It seems that production of chips for Xbox 360 already adopting the 65 nm process has already begun.

In other words, since Xbox 360 with a new chip will soon appear, we should not buy Xbox 360 unless absolutely necessary at the moment.

Details are as below.
Xbox 360 - A + E Interactive: Your Bay Area hangout for gaming, music, movies, culture - Exclusive: What 's Microsoft' s Falcon project is going to mean?

According to this article, it seems that chips for the new Xbox 360 adopting the 65 nm process developed with the code name "falcon" are already being produced in China.

And because the new chip is low heat, Xbox 360High failure rate of 33%It can be expected to solve problems such as.

However, from Microsoft's policy, users can not know which Xbox 360 is equipped with new chips, so in order to purchase Xbox 360 with a new chip, the inventory of the current models currently on the market is It is a pattern that I have to wait until it is sold out.

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