Xbox 360 with lowered power consumption is released in the fall?

The graphics board (GPU) installed in Xbox 360 seems to be changed from the one adopting the current 90 nm process from around autumn to one adopting the 65 nm process from around autumn.

By the way, considering the story taken up at GIGAZINE in the past, it seems that the power consumption of Xbox 360 will be lowered by installing GPU that adopted this 65 nm process.

Details are as follows.
Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65 nm in fall, TSMC to see side benefits, says paper

According to this article, Taiwan's Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) decided to undertake the manufacture of a model adopting the 65 nm process in the graphic board "Xenos" installed in the Xbox 360. Production will start in May and Xbox 360 with it will be released around autumn.

According to the place mentioned earlier by GIGAZINE, by adopting the 65 nm process,Since heat generation is suppressed and the cooling mechanism can be made smaller, noise reduction, low power consumption, etc. can be realizedIt is good news for those who are concerned about power consumption.

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