I bought Lotteria "Was with beef tongue stew or bread" in winter

Lotteria campaign for winter in Rotteria was held, and the first product, "Beef tongue stew with or bread" was released today so I went to Lotteria and bought it. It seems that it is a product developed jointly by Lotteria and Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Details are as follows.
When opening the lid, it looks like this. Rich color.

Main beef tongue.

It also contains carrots.

Onions are pretty detailed.

Was there bread?

One of the two I bought was covered with powder.

I try stew with bread and eat it.

Message from Lotteria to the container.

The taste is quite rich. I also have bread and it fits the stew. However, overall it lacks volume. You may want to increase the amount, or add potatoes and broccoli to you. Kentucky 's chicken potpie is plentiful at 480 yen (Tan stew is 450 yen) so this is completely defeated .... It is a pity that Christmas chicken had put out a wonderful quality chicken which is superior to Kentucky.

By the way, this product seems to be a collaboration project with Yoshimoto Kogyo, documents of product development are published.

Lotteria × Yoshimoto Tasty Expedition Goes!

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