Nissin, "Yakisoba U.F.O. Kimchi & Creamy Cheese" released

It is a dish that complemented the taste of sauce with pungent and sour Kimchi sauce and powder creamy cheese. On December 4th (Monday) release it is 155 yen without tax.

Whether it's only kimchi or cheese, is it suitable for sauce even if you put both?

Details are as follows.- Spicy kimchi and creamy cheese get together! -
Dish-shaped cup-soaked soba
"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Kimchi & amp; creamy cheese"
Information on new release

(1) Men
U.F.O. Unique unique eating habits. I look from exquisitely with kimchi sauce.
(2) Source
Based on the rich source of U.F.O., it is a kimchi sauce that made the pungent, sour, and even unique flavor of Kimchi unique. The finish is a powder creamy cheese which blended four kinds of cheese. It highlights the taste of the sauce.
(3) Material
Volume full with plenty of spicy spicy kimchi and large cut cabbage.

By the way, the appearance when sprinkling the creamy cheese powder is that the powder snow is imagining a scene that has come down. Does it become a white Christmas if you eat it at Christmas?

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