Watches made of pure gold or white gold

Of course the watch on the top is made of gold. I think that there are not many people who spend money on the watch, but it seems to be made of pure gold or the like when going to the place to arrive. There is something like a diamond embedded in the dial well, but it is quite fashionable without having the impression of so much rogue.

Details are as follows. Pure gold LED watch.

White silver wristwatch. It's awesome and I do not want to decorate it, but I want one ...

These were made by British royal warrant jeweler, Andrew Grima. It seems to have made watches with precious metals and jewelry from the 1960s to the 1970s. It seems that we used gemstones to use glass usually, but we do not know the price, but it is not such a thing as an ordinary person can get in hand.

Other watch photos below.

THE WATCHISMO TIMES: 'God Save the Watch' - Grima for Pulsar & amp; Omega 1969-1975

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