"AutoMySQLBackup" to automatically back up MySQL

It is a script that will allow you to automatically back up MySQL databases that are cumbersome to back up.

You can back up several databases in bulk. It can be backed up as one file at once, or it can be backed up separately for each database. Since the backup file is compressed with gzip or bzip 2, it does not eat disk space. It is also possible to back up remote MySQL to the central MySQL, or to email the backup log. You can also email the backed up file itself. Backup can be done manually besides using cron, so you can back up without cron.

Download and details are as follows.
Automatic MySQL Backup

SourceForge.net: AutoMySQLBackup

For immediate use with minimal configuration, put automysqlbackup.sh in the cron.daily directory in etc or put it in your home directory and set USERNAME, PASSWORD, DBNAMES. "Chmod u + rwx" and create a backups directory. After that, if you set it to run automysqlbackup.sh on cron every day, it is completed.

It's easy if it's true.

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