"EASEUS Disk Copy" free software that allows you to move all sectors of the hard disk at high speed and move it

When replacing the hard disk, free software that can copy all the existing contents to the new hard disk with the OS and various data in a completely cloned state,EASEUS Disk Copy"is. You can also clone partitions and copy dynamic disks, so you can move quickly and safely.

Compatible with IDE, SATA I, SATA II, SCSI, Firewire (IEEE 1394), USB (external hard disk connected via USB), bootable from CD-ROM drive is possible, so it can operate on Windows and Linux.

Details are as below.
EASEUS Disk Copy: Free Disk Copy Software. Sector by Sector for hard drive backup tool.

Download from the following page.

Free download disk copy software - EASEUS

Since the downloaded ZIP file contains the ISO image file "DC2.iso", it is completed by burning with CD / DVD writing software. After that you can use it by booting with burned media.

Select the top when booting

During startup

Click "Next" in the lower right

It was not possible to select this time because it started on the virtual machine this time, but in fact it seems that you can choose the top option "Disk Copy". In this time, select "Partition Copy" to copy the partition.

In this way I choose the partition from which to copy.

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