Yahoo! Internet Guide was published in the September 2006 issue

Since the permission request e-mail came, I completely forgot while replying to see this magazine.

The contents of the contents are as follows. In addition, I tried lightly summarizing the influence of current GIGAZINE, etc. from the history of IT magazine's rich flourishes and actual sales data of IT magazines.
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Internet Information Sources Access Guide 2006 Part 1 "Get the latest news!" It is an item, I heard rough things where to put in advance, but this is also an interesting place ....

This is touched on in this article.

In 2010, Intel's multi-core CPU will be 32 cores - GIGAZINE

Certainly when you are watching the vicinity of this date, it seems to be a dense IT site site ....

Also, I am looking at the magazine's impressions etc. with a habit of choice but there are only six editorial staff ... Even if I enter editor-in chief, there are seven people. Well, there used to be a little more ago ... Is it due to mind? And also that there was such a thing ....

YIG edit blog - Yahoo! Internet Guide Editorial staff blog

Early in this area is interesting.

YIG edit blog - Yahoo! Internet Guide Editorial staff's blog | 200402

To the best of our knowledge, about the IT related magazines of the current SOFTBANK creative (former SOFTBANK Publishing), the surviving in the monthly is as follows. It has drastically decreased.

DOS / V Magazine: 50,000 copies
PC Japan: 70,000 copies
Yahoo! Internet Guide: 47,000
Open source magazine: 15,000 copies
Digital photo: 25,000 parts
Net runner: 70,000 copies

See below for the number of copies data.

IT system media data softbank

Let's look at the data almost one year ago.

IT-related media data softbank data of January 2005

Compared with about a year ago, DOS / V Magazine is about the same, PC Japan decreases by 10,000, Yahoo! Internet Guide decreases by 13,000, open source magazine is "UNIX USER" old name is 3000 Department decrease, digital photographs decreased by 5000 parts, net runner decreased by 50 thousand parts. It is dangerous.

In addition, there were 14 monthly IT magazines at that time. Now 6. It is halved.

Incidentally, I was like this in the spring of 2004 when I was at the net runner editorial department.

IT system media data softbank February 2004

Although no one believes, the net runner was initially "IT business magazine". See below.

IT system media data softbank March 2001

It was around here that the direction changed by betting on survival after marking the lowest.

IT system media data softbank August 2001

Actually sales began to grow, so it was possible to say business-wise that the editor-in-chiech's judgment was right.

IT system media data softbank September 2001

Maybe this time is the heyday, how much 160,000 copies. Issuing circulation is higher. A person with a back number is written if you look at the front cover.

IT system media data softbank February 2003

So, GIGAZINE currently has about 100,000 unique users a day. Monthly IT magazines are sold 150,000 in real terms even at the heyday. Now it is a lower actual selling price. So, if you think only by influence, if it is on the scale of GIGAZINE level, it means that it is a monthly magazine level. It will be even more if it is a total total monthly total user, so there is a possibility that it will align with the addition of a monthly magazine published by one publisher as much as a collection of monthly magazines gathered. There is a difference in genre and so we can not compare unconditionally, but it is still quite something.

In other words, although it will leap a bit, considering touching the eyes of many people, it is natural that advertisements appearing in magazines essentially switch to Internet media in order. That person is much more advantageous in terms of cost. More than anything, the point is that you can measure the effect. Advertisement of a magazine can not measure the effect, but it is on another occasion.

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