Microsoft Announces Team Copilot, Allowing Companies to Build Custom Copilots to Automate Tasks, Helping Teams, Loop, and Planner

A new feature of the AI assistant, 'Team Copilot,' was announced during the keynote speech at Microsoft Build 2024, the annual developer conference held by Microsoft on May 21, 2024. Companies can customize Copilot and incorporate it into group work tools, allowing them to operate AI as team members.

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Team Copilot allows you to incorporate Copilot into group work tools for businesses such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, and Microsoft Planner, allowing them to function as team members.

For example, add Team Copilot as a member of a video conference in Microsoft Teams.

Team Copilot will then manage the meeting agenda and take notes that can be co-edited by all meeting participants, making meeting discussions more productive.

It is also possible to automatically present a summary of the next meeting schedule.

Microsoft Loop helps you track action items to address issues and empowers members to get more out of chats.

Microsoft Planner lets you create and assign tasks, track deadlines, and notify team members to keep your projects running smoothly.

A preview of Team Copilot is expected to be available to Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscribers in 2024.

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