Google will also show ads on its new AI-generated search page

Google has started displaying

an overview of search results generated by AI (AI Overview) on its search page. New information released by Google reveals that in the future, ads will also be displayed on this AI Overview.

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Google says ads are on the way for AI Overviews in Search | Android Central

According to a post on Google's official blog, Google will soon begin displaying 'search and shopping' ads in its AI overview.

For example, if a user searches for 'how to remove wrinkles from clothes,' they will see an AI-generated explanation of how to do it, as well as a sales page for a wrinkle removal product labeled 'Sponsored.'

According to Google, the links in the AI Overview received more clicks than before, and users were more likely to stay on the linked site longer because they felt that the links in the AI Overview were of higher quality.

In addition, Google's initial tests have shown that the ads displayed above and below the AI Overview are 'helpful.' Based on this, Google plans to soon begin displaying ads on the AI Overview for US users to measure its effectiveness.

Google also announced that it will provide a variety of other AI features for advertisers.

One of the features using generative AI is the ability to add a 'background' to a single product image to give consumers a variety of impressions. In addition, a feature to create a video from a single image is also provided. These features are available in the advertiser tool ' Product Studio '. Product Studio is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom at the time of writing, and will be available in Japan and India within the next few weeks.

Other features include a 'virtual try-on' that shows how an advertiser's clothes would look on different body types, and the ability to create a 360-degree view of a shoe from just a few images.

'These latest AI innovations will help marketers be more creative and get results faster,' Google said.

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