Introducing the 'Copilot Extension' for GitHub, allowing you to incorporate DataStax, Stripe, MongoDB, and other external add-ons into Copilot

On May 21, 2024, Microsoft announced a new feature called 'Copilot Extensions' at the developer conference 'Build 2024' held on the same day, which allows developers to incorporate third-party extensions into GitHub Copilot. This allows developers to build and deploy clouds using their favorite tools and services without leaving their current development environment or GitHub.

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According to the announcement, the first set of tools that will be available with Copilot Extensions are Microsoft Azure and Teams, DataStax, Docker, LambdaTest, LaunchDarkly, McKinsey & Company, MongoDB, Octopus Deploy, Pangea, Pinecone, Product Science, ReadMe, Sentry, and Stripe.

For example, using Docker with Copilot Extension:

Copilot Extensions are supported by GitHub Copilot Chat on, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code.

Extensions can be published on GitHub Marketplace, and organizations can also create private Copilot Extensions for their own home-grown tools and distribute them with their internal API libraries or systems.

'Imagine a developer getting called in with a database-related error and trying to identify the problem across a variety of tools,' said Mario Rodriguez, senior vice president of product at GitHub. 'They might find the issue in a GitHub issue or in DataStax logs, then they'll start troubleshooting what's causing it, dig into an error monitoring tool like Sentry for more details, and then they might apply a fix and deploy it to Azure. There's a lot of switching going on in this scenario, but Copilot Extensions brings this entire process together.'

Copilot Extension enables you to do things like solve pipeline problems in natural language using the Sentry extension.

'This is the future of software development where developers spend less time searching and more time building,' said Tilman Elser, engineering manager at Sentry. 'Working in natural language allows them to write code, get data, and solve problems in a single, intuitive workflow.'

Copilot Extension is currently available in a private preview by invitation only, and Microsoft says it plans to expand availability to partners enrolled in the Copilot Partner Program in the coming months.

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