Free users of GitHub also have unlimited use of private repositories

Two major updates were announced at version control service " GitHub ". One is that free users can use private repositories without restriction. The other is the emergence of integrated enterprise products.

New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified enterprise offering | The GitHub Blog

To use GitHub individually, there is a free "Free" plan and a "Developer" plan of 7 dollars a month (about 760 yen), and a public repository can be used indefinitely in either plan, but private repositories It has been provided for Developer so far. In this update "Developer" has been renamed "Pro", private repositories can now be used unlimitedly even by Free users. Three collaborators (cooperators) can participate for each repository for free.

In addition, "GitHub Enterprise" that integrates Enterprise Cloud (formerly GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server (formerly GitHub Enterprise) will be available for $ 21 per month (about 2,300 yen).

Since GitHub 's private repository has been charged so far, services such as GitLab and Bitbucket that can use private repositories for free are coming in handy. Especially GitLab said that when GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, the number of source code imports increased tenfold. However, from now on, the strengths of being bought by Microsoft will emerge, and rivals may be tormented.

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