Free all core functions so that GitHub can collaborate for free

GitHub, a software development platform acquired by Microsoft , updated the official blog titled ' GitHub makes team features free ', removing the limit on the number of collaborators on all accounts, even free plan users We announced that we will be able to collaborate on a private repository.

GitHub is now free for teams-The GitHub Blog

Previously, if your organization used GitHub for private development, you had to subscribe to one of the paid plans. However, with the need to make GitHub accessible to all developers on the planet, GitHub has lifted the price restrictions, allowing anyone to join private repositories for free and co-developing. I made it possible. As a result, even free plan accounts can join private repositories created by other users.

By freeing paid services that GitHub has provided for organizational users, 'it allows teams to manage CI / CD , project management, code reviews, and package development all in one place.' is.

The specific price changes are summarized in the official FAQ and are as follows.

-A free plan for organizations will be available immediately, and the number of private repositories will be unlimited.
-A free plan will be available to all organizations that have used the 'Team for Open Source' plan so far.
-The free plan allows you to handle an unlimited number of collaborators, making it easier for individual developers to proceed with joint development.
· Organizations and individuals using the free plan can get support from the GitHub community.
-The 'Pro' plan will include 2GB of package storage and 10GB of data transfer.
・ The monthly fee for the 'Pro' plan will be reduced to $ 4 (about 430 yen).
The 'Team' plan will reduce the price to $ 4 per user per month, with no minimum seating requirements.
-Since May 14, 2020, 3000 actions per month for private repositories will be added to the 'Team' plan.

The 'Pro' plan will be reduced from $ 7 (about 750 yen) to $ 4 per month, and the 'Team' plan will be reduced from $ 9 per user (about 1000 yen) to $ 4. In addition, there is also an 'Enterprise' plan for users who want to use the single sign-on function using SAML authentication, for a monthly fee of $ 21 (about 2200 yen).

GitHub is now free for teams-The GitHub Blog

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