Google co-founder Sergey Brin talks about Gemini and artificial general intelligence

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google with Larry Page, participated in the hackathon of

AGI House , a community of AI founders and researchers, and participated in the hackathon of AI, Gemini, and general artificial intelligence (AGI) operated by Google. ) was talked about.

Sergey Brin says Google 'definitely messed up' with Gemini launch

Google's Co-founder answers questions about Gemini and AGI.

Mr. Brin first received a question about Gemini's image generation problem. Regarding this issue, CEO Sundar Pichai has already announced that it is ``unacceptable'' and will work 24 hours a day to fix it.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai comments on multimodal AI Gemini's excessive diversity problem as ``totally unacceptable'' - GIGAZINE

by World Economic Forum

Brin had the same opinion as CEO Pichai, and answered harshly, ``We have ruined image generation.'' He expressed remorse, saying that the tests had not been thorough and that he had upset many people.

Brin, who confirmed that Gemini produces 'extremely radical' (extremely left-wing) results, said, 'We don't fully understand why this happens, and we don't know what our intentions are. It's not even something I did,' he commented. He also mentioned that 80% of the situation has already been improved.

On the other hand, when asked if there are any plans to create something like a 'video ChatGPT' in the future as multimodal advances, the answer was that they are already conducting early experiments with video and audio, and that it is very exciting. doing.

In January 2023, Mr. Brin submitted a request for access to the code, and there was talk of whether he would be returning to the field after a long absence. However, according to Mr. Brin himself, he does not write code himself these days, but only occasionally debugs and understands how the model works. Mr. Brin, who says that he uses AI when he needs code, seemed satisfied with the output code, saying, ``They do a very good job.''

In the AI field, when asked about rumors that Sam Altman, who has returned as CEO of OpenAI, is aiming to raise up to $7 trillion (approximately 1,050 trillion yen), Brin replied, ``I don't know the details.'' Well, at least (Mr. Altman) hasn't asked me for $7 trillion.'

Regarding Google Glass , a smart glass whose sales and support for businesses have been discontinued, he said, ``It was definitely too early, and we weren't used to the consumer hardware supply chain yet.'' I admitted that there was. However, compared to devices like Apple Vision Pro and Oculus, Google Glass has a lightweight design, which is what Mr. Brin was aiming for.

Regarding work on artificial general intelligence, Brin declared, ``Of course we will do it.'' He said he left Alphabet to work on AI.

Please note that these comments are personal answers from Mr. Brin and are unrelated to Google or Alphabet's corporate policies.

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