Introducing a sheet that allows you to learn the structure of AI without programming by completely reproducing the behavior of a large-scale language model in Excel

Various AIs such as OpenAI's

ChatGPT , Anthropic's Claude , Google's Gemini , and Meta's Llama are appearing at an astonishing speed, and the number of people who are actually using them in their daily lives and work is no doubt increasing. However, learning the structure of AI required programming knowledge. ' Spreadsheets are all you ' is a tool that allows you to learn without programming by converting the structure of AI into Excel format.

Spreadsheets are all you – A low-code way to learn AI

You can watch the explanation movie by accessing the site and clicking 'Watch the lessons'.

The lesson movies are divided into several movies for each element.

The Excel file is equipped with a large-scale language model called ``GPT-2'', which is one of the ancestors of ChatGPT.

The GPT-2 calculation consists of multiple parts. In Excel, the first prompt input is done in the 'Type_Prompt_Here' sheet, and the 'Prompt_to_Tokens' is in charge of tokenizing the prompt... Excel sheets are divided into parts.

The Excel file can be downloaded from the GitHub repository . Click 'GPT2-spreadsheets-are-all-you-need.v[version number].xlsb' in 'Assets'.

When you open the Excel file, it looks like this. Open the 'Type_Prompt_Here' sheet and enter the prompt, and the 'word that seems most appropriate as the next word' will be output.

To fully reproduce GPT-2 in Excel, model weight information is also saved in the sheet.

In addition, the Excel file this time is a huge one of about 1.25 GB, and it is noted that ``It is not uncommon for freezes to occur.'' However, it can be said that being able to grasp the structure of large-scale language models using familiar tools rather than programming is a considerable advantage.

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