Netflix's 'Basic' plan will be completely abolished in some regions

Among Netflix's plans, which include 'Standard with Ads,' 'Basic,' 'Standard,' and 'Premium,' we have learned that the 'Basic' plan, which is no longer accepting new orders, will be discontinued in some regions. Ta. This may force existing subscribers to migrate their plans.

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Basic is a plan available for $11 per month (990 yen in Japan). This plan allows you to watch content on one device at the same time in HD quality, and was the cheapest ad-free plan.

This basic plan has been closed to new subscribers and re-subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom since July 2023, and has been canceled in other countries including Japan since October 2023.

According to Netflix's January 2024 financial report, it plans to abolish the Basic Plan starting in the second quarter of 2024, starting with Canada and the United Kingdom. This measure is scheduled to be gradually expanded to other countries, and may eventually be abolished in Japan as well.

This will force existing Basic subscribers to migrate their plans. At the time of article creation, Netflix has three

plans : Standard with ads for 790 yen per month, Standard for 1490 yen per month, and Premium for 1980 yen per month. Netflix reports that 40% of its subscribers in regions where it offers ad-supported plans choose an ad-supported plan.

According to the financial report, Netflix gained 13.1 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the current number of subscribers has reached 260.8 million. Sales for the quarter were $8.83 billion (approximately 130 billion yen), an increase from $7.85 billion (approximately 120 billion yen) year-on-year. Net profit was reported to be $937.8 million (approximately 14 billion yen). The operating profit margin also exceeded the target of 20%.

In 2024, they will focus on improving their core video content, expanding various services such as games, and expanding the range of programs they offer. In the game field, the game service developed by Netflix is doing well, and it is known that in 2023, it received three times the engagement compared to the previous year. In particular, ``Grand Theft Auto (GTA)'' has become a hot topic, and it is reported that a remastered version of GTA will be

distributed to Netflix subscribers from November 2023.

In addition, on January 24, 2024, Netflix signed a contract with the American professional wrestling organization World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and will exclusively distribute various popular programs such as WWE's TV program ' Raw '. It was also announced that he would go. According to the people involved, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the contract will last for 10 years starting in 2025 and will generate a total contract fee of $5 billion (approximately 740 billion yen).

Netflix Co-Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters said in the company's earnings call: ``Netflix's priority is to scale. While user numbers vary by market, we are confident that we will continue to grow in all of the markets we operate in.'' There's definitely a lot of room.' The company announced its policy to maintain and expand the number of monthly active users, which has reached 23 million people.

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