Netflix raises prices again, new acceptance of basic plan will soon stop

Netflix fees have been revised in the US, UK, and France. This is the first revision since January 2022, and the monthly fee will increase by $2 (approximately 300 yen) to $3 (approximately 450 yen). Additionally, in Japan, new applications for the basic plan are scheduled to cease in October 2023.


Here comes another Netflix price hike - The Verge

Netflix (NFLX) earnings Q3 2023

In the third quarter financial report released on October 18, 2023, Netflix said, ``We have postponed raising prices due tothe charge for account sharing, but in order to provide more value to our members, we will ask you to pay a little more.'' The company announced that it would revise prices for some plans in three countries.

The two categories that will be subject to a price increase are ``Basic'' and ``Premium.'' In the United States, the basic price will increase by $2 to $11.99 (about 1,800 yen), and the premium will increase by $3 to $22.99 (about 3,400 yen). At the time of article creation, the basic version is available for 990 yen and the premium version for 1,980 yen in Japan .

Netflix emphasizes the legitimacy of its own prices, saying, ``This price is very competitive (cheap) compared to other streaming services.It is much cheaper than the average price of a single movie ticket.'' did.

There was already talk of ``Netflix raising prices'' at the beginning of October 2023, and at that time it was

announced that ``Netflix would raise prices a few months after the end of the Hollywood actors' strike,'' but in reality the strike is still continuing. A price increase has been implemented.

According to Netflix, it has added 8.76 million new subscribers over the past few months, bringing its global subscriber count to 247.15 million. The effect of the account sharing crackdown implemented by Netflix also exceeded expectations, with the number of subscribers reportedly increasing by about 70% compared to the previous quarter. Revenues were also strong, reaching $8.542 billion (approximately 1.28 trillion yen), an increase of 7.8% from the same period last year, and Netflix's stock price soared more than 12% as a result.

The ``Advertisement Standard'', which was introduced on a trial basis in 12 countries including Japan, has become sufficiently popular, with approximately 30% of new subscribers choosing it. A download feature will also be added to the plan in November. Due to the spread of Ad-supported Standard, starting next week (counting from October 18th), subscriptions for new and re-enrolling users of 'Basic' will be phased out in some regions including Japan. .

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