Netflix plans to raise prices until actors' strike ends

It has been revealed that Netflix plans to raise prices after waiting for the actors' union SAG-AFTRA's strike, which has been going on since July 2023, to end. Netflix just increased prices on all plans in 2022.

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According to reports, Netflix plans to announce price increases in the months after the SAG-AFTRA strike ends. No new content will be released during the strike, so no price increases are expected until the strike is over.

Netflix will revise its plans in 2022, making the standard plan $15.49 per month (approx. 2,300 yen), the premium plan $19.99 per month (approx. 3,000 yen), and the ad-supported plan at $6.99 per month (approx. 1,040 yen). It started with.

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Since then, Netflix has also started offering the cheapest plan with ads, ``Basic with ads.''

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The price increase will first be applied to the United States and Canada, and is expected to be applied to other countries later, but it is unclear when it will go into effect.

Regarding streaming services, prices have continued to rise, not just for Netflix, and most recently, on October 3, 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery announced an ad-free plan for its streaming service ``Discovery+'' for $6.99 (approximately 1,040 yen) per month. The price has increased from 8.99 dollars (about 1340 yen).

Disney+ and Hulu price increases have been announced in August 2023.

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By the way, plans with advertisements will start in Japan from November 2022, and after that, the price structure will be 790 yen per month with ads, 990 yen per month for basic without ads, 1490 yen for standard, and 1980 yen for premium. Therefore, the price is generally cheaper than in the United States. It is still unclear whether this price increase will also apply to Japan.

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