Apple expects to announce 'Amazing new product' or 'Next generation iPod touch', or will be held in early September

Following iPad, iPhone 4"Amazing new product" Steve Jobs foretells to introduce within the yearOr, it is rumored that it will be a spec near iPhone 4 "Next Generation iPod touchAlthough Apple is anxious about future trends such as, "It became clear that it is expected to perform a recital in early September.

It also talks about the new services Apple plans to start.

Details are as below.
Apple Said to Prepare New 99-Cent TV Show Rental Service - Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg's report, it is said that stakeholders have revealed that Apple is consulting with various companies to start a service to rent television programs to iTunes users.

This service will allow you to watch 48 hours of TV programs, including Fox News, CBS, NBC Universal and Walt Disney, from the American news specialist broadcasting department for 99 cents (about 83 yen), such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc. But it will be available for viewing.

In addition, "Amazing new product" expected to be launched by the end of the year is expected to become a new Apple TV with a similar interface to the iPhone and equipped with content on the network and access functions to the App Store Although it is said that the main body price may be 99 dollars (about 8,300 yen) according to the stakeholders though it is.

The current model Apple TV. The 160GB HDD is carried and the price is23,800 yenis.

Also, it is unknown whether the new Apple TV or the next-generation iPod touch will be announced or whether the rental service of the television program will be announced, but it is expected that Apple will perform a recital on September 7 th local time It is revealed by stakeholders.

Although movie rental is already being done overseas via iTunes, considering the fact that it is not being implemented in Japan, as usual, Japan's market has been put in place, but when it comes to Japan flexibly in this way Will it become benefitted by the convenience service that said ... ....?

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