Starlink's rival 'Hughesnet' starts offering an Internet plan with a maximum communication speed of 100 Mbps, realized by launching the world's largest communication satellite 'JUPITER 3' with a SpaceX rocket

The satellite internet service ``

Hughesnet '' began offering plans with a maximum communication speed of 100Mbps on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. Communication at 100Mbps is made possible by JUPITER 3 , the world's largest communication satellite, which was launched in July 2023.

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Hughesnet is a satellite internet service that mainly operates in the United States. Hughesnet's weak point is that it has slower communication speeds than its rival service Starlink, and in a test conducted in 2021, in an environment where Starlink recorded a download speed of 87.25Mbps, Hughesnet's download speed was 19.30Mbps. There was a big difference. Detailed test results can be found at the link below.

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Hughesnet launched the world's largest communication satellite ``JUPITER 3'' on Saturday, July 29, 2023 to improve communication speed. The plan announced this time with a maximum communication speed of 100Mbps is said to be realized by utilizing the capabilities of JUPITER 3. In addition, a SpaceX rocket with Starlink was used for the launch of JUPITER 3.

JUPITER 3 looks like this. When expanded, the solar panels are comparable in size to a 10-story building. JUPITER 3 is equipped with more than 300 spot beams, which can provide high-speed internet while alleviating congestion.

There are two types of plans available, ``Elite'' and ``Fusion,'' with a maximum communication speed of 100 Mbps.The Fusion plan provides a low-latency Internet connection through a hybrid connection between a ground station and a satellite. The upload speed for both plans is 5Mbps, and 200GB of priority connection capacity is allocated each month, which is prioritized over regular communication. The communication capacity of the Fusion plan and Elite plan is the same, but it is recommended to subscribe to the Fusion plan if you are using it for purposes that require a low-latency connection such as playing games. In addition to the connection fee, both contracts also require an antenna rental fee or bulk purchase fee.

plan Elite Fusion
download speed Up to 100Mbps Up to 100Mbps
upload speed 5Mbps 5Mbps
data capacity unlimited unlimited
Preferred data capacity 200GB 200GB
Monthly fee $89.99 (approx. 13,000 yen) $109.99 (approx. 16,000 yen)

In addition, Hughesnet also has a 'Select' plan with a maximum communication speed of 50Mbps.

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