WILLCOM, offering "New Tsuname Tsubomi", which is available at a rate of 3880 yen per month, which is faster than before

Willcom announced "fresh Tsunagiizumi" fee plan which can use data communication at a monthly fee of 3880 yen, a faster rate plan than before.

High-speed data communication at the packet speed-up technology "W-OAM type G" terminal etc. will also be available at 3880 yen per month.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | AIR - EDGE New rate plan "New Tsunagi" offering - Mobile data communication starts 3,880 yen per month Fully flat rate plan -

According to this release, WILLCOM will start the "New Tsuname Tsubomi" fee plan for data communication available on March 21 (Fri), available for a monthly charge of 3880 yen.

Compatible models are all Wilcom data communication cards compatible with the packet method and W - SIM terminals, and the corresponding communication system is 1x to 8x packet system. Incidentally, packet communication speed was improved more than before"W-OAM type G" compatible terminalIn the case of, it is possible to communicate at 800 kbps at the maximum. By the way, it is not possible to use domestic voice communication or data exchange by circuit switching system.

In addition, the use fee of the Internet connection service "PRIN" will be free for up to two months, and from Wednesday, February 21 (Thursday) until March 20th (Thursday), using W - VALUE SELECT as reservation reception campaign Purchase a data communication card and subscribe to either the "Tsunagi All-Time [PRO]" or "Tsunagi All-Time [4x]" course, and for the user who has reserved "New Tsunagi You" as a pre-order reservation a monthly fee It seems to cash back the equivalent amount for one month including the usage fee of "PRIN".

Although it is inferior to EMOBILE or au at the maximum data communication speed, it is especially an area wider than EMOBILE and it can be used underground and the communication fee is cheaper compared with other companies, it comes into choice Sounds like this.

Details of the price plan are as follows.

WILLCOM | Price plan | New Tsubame joining

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