WILLCOM officially launches "WILLCOM CORE XGP" next-generation high-speed communication service from October

"XGP" of the next-generation communication standard which was being test-operated from JuneIt is clear that the service will start full-scale from next month.

It is a very worrisome question as to how the usage price comes with service start and how the service area is.

Details are from the following.
WILLCOM | About "WILLCOM CORE XGP" service start

According to this release, it seems that the high-speed mobile data communication "WILLCOM CORE XGP" will be officially launched from October 1st. The area offered at the start of service is only a partial area within the Tokyo Yamanote Line, and it is said that the service area will be expanded in the future. The communication card is "GX001N" made by NEC Infrontia, the communication speed seems to be up to 20 Mbps both up and down. The rate plan is "XGP data fixed flat", and the monthly fee is 4380 yen (tax included).

This is "GX001N"

Map showing service area.

If a stable communication speed is promised, it would be possible to secure a fairly comfortable communication environment.

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