KDDI to Offer Data Communication Terminal Equipped with "CDMA 1X WIN" and Next Generation High Speed ​​Communication Service "WiMAX"

If KDDI is "CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO"CDMA 1X WIN" is a data communication terminal compatible with high-speed communication service using a communication method called "CDMA 1X WIN" is a data communication terminal combined with the next generation high-speed communication service "WiMAX" It has become clear that we will release it.

NTT DoCoMo and eMobile etc are offeringHSDPAAlthough it is neck "CDMA 1X WIN" that communication speed does not come out compared with that, compared with "WiMAX" which realizes overwhelming high speed communication, it seems that it becomes possible to use very comfortable communication is.

Details are as below.
Provision of WIN data communication terminal with WiMAX function | 2009 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to this release, KDDI has developed the first WIN data communication terminals "DATA 01", "DATA 02", "DATA 03" and "DATA 04" that can be used for both WiMAX and CDMA systems for the first time in Japan and is released sequentially after December 2009 It is said to be.

By supporting both of these communication methods, it is possible to use data communication in the WiMAX service area with downlink maximum of 40 Mbps, uplink maximum of 10 Mbps, CDMA service area downlink maximum of 3.1 Mbps, uplink maximum of 1.8 Mbps, By implementing a handover function that automatically switches the communication method according to the radio conditions of both sides, we will always provide the optimum mobile data communication environment.

Both flat rate plans and fixed-rate plans are planned for the price plan, and details will be announced separately.

USB modem type "DATA 01"

Express card type "DATA 02"

USB modem type terminal "DATA 03" for pay-per-use billing

Express card type terminal "DATA 04" for fixed rate charging

That is, although it realizes high communication speed, it has "WiMAX" which is uneasy about the area surface, but it realizes a wide area, but covers mutually weak points of "CDMA 1X WIN" which can not be said that the communication speed is high It seems to be a thing to match.

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