Official repair service for 18-karat gold smart watch 'Apple Watch Edition' costing over 2 million yen ends

All original Apple Watch models, including Apple's 18-karat gold smartwatch ' Apple Watch Edition ' sold for 1.28 million yen to 2.18 million yen (excluding tax), will be classified as 'out of print' and will be repaired at the Apple Store and authorized service provider. I can no longer do that.

Original Apple Watch is Now Obsolete, Including $17,000 Gold Model - MacRumors

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The Apple Watch Edition is an ultra-luxury smartwatch that uses 18-karat gold and was sold in Japan for up to 2.18 million yen excluding tax. GIGAZINE actually tried on this smart watch and summarized the interview in the article below.

I tried on the 'Apple Watch Edition' which cost about 2 million yen at the first time in Osaka - GIGAZINE

The 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition has already been discontinued, and the software has not been updated since watchOS 4.3.2 in 2018.

According to MacRumors, which compiles Apple-related news, Apple has designated all original Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Edition, as ``discontinued,'' and has ceased providing repairs and other services at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. thing.

When the Apple Watch Edition was released, it was worn on the wrists of influential celebrities including German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld . Initially offered in 18K gold, this model was later replaced by ceramic and titanium versions, and was discontinued eight years after its release.

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