Introducing the high-end 'Apple Watch Pro' in the Apple Watch lineup, or evolving with a huge display and titanium case

Apple's smartwatch, the Apple Watch, comes in a variety of models, including the affordable

Apple Watch SE , the Apple Watch Nike in collaboration with Nike, and the Apple Watch Hermès in collaboration with Hermes. When the new high-end ' Apple Watch Pro ' appears in such an Apple Watch, Mark Garman of Bloomberg, who is familiar with Apple-related leak information and predictions, reported.

Gurman: Apple Watch Pro to feature a redesign and larger display

Apple Watch'Pro' will reportedly introduce first series redesign since 2018 | Engadget

Gurman: Apple Watch'Pro' to Offer First True Redesign Since Series 4, but No Flat Sides --MacRumors

According to Garman's report, the Apple Watch Pro will be a more robust model for 'extreme sports.' About Apple Watch Pro Apple-related media 9to5mac reports that it has a larger display, longer battery life, and a new temperature sensor. According to Garman, the Apple Watch Pro offers better battery performance than previous Apple Watches, with a power-saving mode that allows it to run for several days on a single charge.

The Apple Watch, which will be released in 2022, is rumored to be the first to change the housing design since the Apple Watch Series 4 that appeared in 2018. 'It evolves into a rectangular shape instead of the rumored circular design,' Garman said.

Also, according to Mr. Garman, the Apple Watch Pro will be considerably larger than the regular model, 'it will be large enough to appeal to only some customers.' As a result, the display size seems to be about 7% larger than the normal model. However, it does not have the flat side that is rumored, and the material of the housing part will be a titanium compound that is more durable than the conventional material, Garman said.

In addition, watchOS 9 , which is the latest OS for Apple Watch that is expected to appear around the fall of 2022, clearly has functions for extreme sports , which also suggests the appearance of the high-end model Apple Watch Pro. 9to5mac reports that it is one of the elements.

Next major version of OS for Apple Watch 'watchOS 9' announced-GIGAZINE

Garman says both the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro will have temperature sensors, but for other rumored sensors, 'the blood pressure measurement feature will probably not be available until 2025.' 'The blood glucose measurement function can take up to 10 years,' he said.

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