I tried on "Apple Watch Edition" of about 2 million yen at Osaka's first ride

Apple Watch reservation reception begins from 16:01 on Friday, April 10, 2015. Since I am trying on the Apple Watch at the Apple Store, I watched the appearance of the Apple Store Shinsaibashi from the day before and I got caught up in the queue and covered the situation on the site.

Apple - Apple Watch

The state of the Apple Store Shinsaibashi around 0 o'clock on the day. A masterpiece is set up in the shop, guards firmly guard. There are no people lined up, according to the guards people said that they refuse people lined up before 7 o'clock on that day.

What is going on inside the unit ... ....

So at 9 am the next morning I arrived at the Apple Store Shinsaibashi. There was already a matrix. Actually, if I had a new MacBook, I planned to buy it, but the queue was for trying on Apple Watch, and for MacBook it was not prepared yet for exhibits. Since it can not be helped, I will try to line up in the trial fitting column of Apple Watch.

I was able to enter it more quickly than I expected.

Waiting inside the store, the Apple Store staff accepts Apple Watch fittings one by one. A name, phone number, and e-mail address are input to the terminal, and when the time comes, SMS reaches the iPhone. At this time I can ask the model of Apple Watch to try on, but since it is said that I am accepting any model, I asked Apple Watch Edition that it would at least cost 1.28 million yen.

It is said that it takes 40 minutes to 50 minutes for a call and during that time even if you go outside you can still walk around the shop. Looking towards the back people ... ...

Discover Apple Watch showcase.

"Apple Watch Sport"

"Apple Watch"

"Apple Watch Edition"

Also, a demonstration booth is set up, so people in the store are free to touch.

It is fixed with the belt part, and in conjunction with the screen of Apple Watch the explanation of the operation method etc. is displayed on the left display.

In addition, you can see places where you actually touch Apple Watch's demo machine from the following movie.

I tried changing the dial design with a demonstration machine of "Apple Watch" - YouTube

I tried touching the application with the demonstration machine of "Apple Watch" - YouTube

This is a try-on booth. You can have your staff take care of your name from someone who called you, and you can actually have your desired Apple Watch on your arm.

Looking at trying on.

The time is about 15 minutes per person, and during that time it seems to be able to change it to various bands of the same model.

I got an SMS when I was getting urouro in the shop. After that, you will be called the staff 's name for a while, so I will show you to the fitting booth.

When I thought "to the fitting booth!", I was forced through the back counter for some reason. Appearance is different only on Apple Watch Edition. In addition, it was the first time that I will issue Apple Watch Edition today, I was able to become the first to try on Osaka unexpectedly.

It is a strict system that sticks to a powerful guard.

At last I face the Apple Watch Edition. I chose the "1.88 million yen tax"42mm 18K yellow gold case and midnight blue classic buckleIt was, but it brought me two kinds of bands.

Only the Apple Watch Edition comes with a special case that can be charged as it is, and it can charge it just by inserting the Lightning cable in the box.

The contents of the case look like this. When you put the Apple Watch Edition in the case, you can connect it to the magnet type charging adapter.

That's why I will arrive quickly.

It seemed a bit nervous that the staff men also touched the Apple Watch Edition for the first time. As a side to be wearing, the guards standing on the left and right are very anxious.

When wearing is over it looks like this. The weight of the 42 mm yellow case is 69 g, and the weight of 1.88 million yen is felt ... I feel it.

The band is made of real leather and feels smooth.

Compared to ordinary watches, feeling of size is like this. It seems to be just right for men.

I got a black sports band as well. In addition, you can not turn on the power when trying on it, you can not do a touch & try that you can not do with a demonstration machine like "sleep release" by raising your hand.

I ordered 2 pieces.

The magnet type charging adapter can be mounted on the back side.

In the Apple Watch Edition, gold was also used for the band part.

Fitting is over with this. Apple Watch on April 10 The most common thing in trying on was the "Apple Watch" link bracelet and the "Apple Watch Sport" sports band. The reservation reception of Apple Watch is scheduled to start from 16: 1, and it will be delivered after April 24.Possibility to be after May 8th depending on the modelIt is said that there is also. People who are aiming at Apple Watch know what to wear when trying on them, so it's worth to try once. There was a high possibility that the new MacBook will be released from 16:01.

Apple (Japan) - Apple Press Info - Apple Watch storefront preview and online pre-order starts on Friday

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