Opera releases ``Browser for Chess Enthusiasts'' in collaboration with Chess.com, allowing you to enjoy chess while operating the browser

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Opera , in collaboration with Chess.com , an international online chess platform, has released a 'custom chess browser' version of Opera on desktop and Android. By integrating Chess.com's services directly into the browser, chess fans can now easily immerse themselves in chess at any time, so I actually checked what kind of browser it is.

Custom chess browser puts chess right at your fingertips - Blog | Opera News

In a blog published on September 19, 2023, Opera said: 'Today, we are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Chess.com that will bring chess to life in your browser. Both in your desktop browser and in Opera for Android. We created a custom build so all chess fans everywhere can stay immersed in the game!'

This time, I will use the desktop version of Opera's custom chess browser. First, access the download page below.

Opera Browser | Best browser for chess fans | Opera

Click 'Download Opera'.

Once the download is complete, run 'OperaSetup.exe'.

Click 'Allow and install'.

Click 'Agree'.

Installation will begin.

When the installation is complete, proceed to the setup, so click 'Start'.

Once you have configured your browser theme and imported data, you can now use your custom chess browser version of Opera. The wallpaper on the start screen is an illustration of a chess piece, and 'Chess.com' is displayed at the top of the recommended sites.

Click on the chess icon on the left side of the screen.

Then, Chess.com was displayed as a sidebar on the left side of the browser.

When the display is in Japanese, it looks like this. Try clicking 'Play against computer'.

Then, a computer chess match started in the sidebar.

You can continue playing chess while doing research or watching videos in your browser without switching browser tabs.

Chess.com not only offers online matches and matches against the computer, but also content such as chess problems and explanation pages.

In addition, with the Android version of Opera, by installing

a custom build for the chess browser from Opera, it was possible to use a version with a background and news feed tailored for chess enthusiasts.

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