I ate ``Horochiki Oyakoju'' with a single bone-in chicken thigh that had an impact and was satisfying to eat.

Since Wednesday, September 13, 2023, ' Horochiki Oyakoju ' has been added as a new menu of the bowl chain Naka U, I went to eat it right away.

So soft that you can loosen it with chopsticks! “Horochiki Oyakoju” is now available in Nakau, which uses luxurious whole bone-in chicken thighs! | Notice | Udon bowl and Kyoto-style udon noodles


Arrived at Nakau.

The stickers on the tables also read ``Horochiki Parent and Child Ju''.

I bought a meal ticket and took a seat. It was served in less than 5 minutes.

When you open the lid, a chunk of chicken thigh meat sits on top of the rice. It looks completely different from the normal 'oyakodon'. Also, the fragrant aroma of charcoal grilling spreads through the air.

It comes with a bone, but as the menu name suggests, the meat is soft and easy to peel off the bone. The sweet egg flavored with dashi stock is combined with the fragrant chicken to complete the meal.

When you add yuzu pepper, the tangy yuzu scent hits your nose, making it a nice accent.

Even if I didn't take the trouble to hold the bones in my hands, there was hardly any meat left on the bones after eating.

'Horochiki Oyakoju' is 690 yen (tax included) for a medium size, and 760 yen (tax included) for a large size. You can also take it home, but in that case, it will be in a container with separate plates for the ingredients and rice, rather than a jubako box. Also, because the lid is transparent, you will unfortunately not be able to experience the aroma of charcoal grilling while opening the lid of a jubako to reveal a large piece of meat.

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