Why is Twitter still displayed as 'Twitter' in the App Store even if Twitter is renamed to 'X'?

'X', which has been renamed from Twitter, has changed various parts such as

the user name of the official account to 'X'. However, in Apple's official app store 'App Store', it is reported that the change to 'X' is not progressing due to the rule that 'app names must be set to two or more characters'.

Apple rejects new name 'X' for Twitter iOS app because... rules

Why does App Store list Elon Musk's rebranded X app as 'Twitter'?


Mr. Earon Mask announced that he would change the name of Twitter to 'X' in the early hours of July 24, 2023, and the logo mark etc. were also changed at the same time.

The letters ``Twitter'' are removed from the signboard of Twitter headquarters, Twitter discards the blue bird and changes the name to ``X''-GIGAZINE

In line with the service name change, X released an updated version of the Twitter app for Android and iOS users in July 2023, updating icons and more.

On the other hand, the App Store reports that the app name is still 'Twitter'.

``The App Store doesn't allow you to set the app name with one letter, so this is the situation,'' said engineer Eric Berlin.

Apple clearly states that the number of characters in the app name is limited to 30 characters , but when you actually try to set the app name with 'X', the message 'App name must be at least 2 characters' is displayed. I can't.

On the other hand, according to overseas media iDB, apps installed on the device are allowed to use a one-letter name on the home screen, so on the home screen, the 'X' icon is displayed along with the 'X' icon. It is possible to display the application name.

``If X can get approval from Apple to register an app name with a single letter, it will be the first time permission has been given since the App Store started,'' said data scientist Nick Sheriff. increase.

In addition, the English version of Google Play, which distributes applications for Android, uses the notation 'X'.

X - Apps on Google Play

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