Apple announces ``a mechanism to install iPhone apps directly from the website'', but of course limited to the EU

In order to comply with EU

digital market law , Apple has made a major change from iOS 17.4 that allows alternative app stores other than the App Store and payment methods outside of the App Store only in the EU. On March 12, 2024, the company announced that it has introduced a new method for distributing apps directly from the website for iPhone.

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From late spring 2024, developers will be able to directly distribute their own apps on their own websites, limited to the EU. To install an app directly from a website, users must approve 'Install apps directly from websites' from their iPhone settings.

Apps distributed directly on a website must meet Apple's notarization guidelines and must be reviewed by Apple. When a user installs an app from a website, the system sheet displays the information the developer submitted to Apple, including the app name, developer name, app description, screenshots, and system elapsed time rating. In addition, websites to be distributed must register their domains with App Store Connect , an app management tool for developers.

In order for developers to distribute apps on their websites, they must meet the following eligibility requirements.

- Registered in the Apple Developer Program as an organization established and headquartered or registered in the EU. or have a subsidiary legal entity established and domiciled or registered in the EU.
・Have been subscribed to the Apple Developer Program for more than 2 years and have an app that had over 1 million installs in the EU in the previous year.
・“Provide apps only from developer accounts,” “Respond to communications if Apple determines that there is a security or privacy issue,” and “Disclose data collection policies so users can understand how data is collected and handled by apps.” You agree to comply with national and local laws, and to be responsible for any government or other requests to remove your app's listings.

Apple requires developers to pay a ``core technology fee'' of 0.50 euros (about 80 yen) per install if the number of app installs exceeds 1 million in the past 12 months. However, non-profit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government agencies based in the EU will be exempt from Apple Developer Program annual fees and core technology fees. The core technology fee, which is also imposed on alternative app stores, has long been criticized for potentially bankrupting developers of free and freemium apps.

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Additionally, Apple had previously stated that ``operators of alternative app stores must allow app registrations from other developers,'' but with this announcement, ``operators of alternative app stores must allow app registrations from other developers.'' Now you can only provide For example, it will be possible for Meta to operate a Meta-operated iOS app store in the EU and distribute only its own apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Furthermore, when embedding a link to a payment method outside the App Store within an app, the design of the link display was specified in detail, but the design of the link display is no longer mandatory, and is now left to the developer's discretion. It has become.

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